I'm going on an Adventure!

I can come up with a few different elements to head this post off with, but an adventure seems to be the best one. Later on today, I'll be flying out of the US heading East to Paris, France, for a little over three weeks.

Arriving in Ireland 2007
It'll prove to be an enjoyable trip, filled with opportunities to see new places, meet the locals, and generally learn about the wonders that are France. While this trip focuses on whether or not I should move to France in the future, it will also provide opportunity for me to learn about the culture. I have a few books set in France at various times, and while Medieval France is not 1940s France and neither time period is modern day France, elements remain true such as the weather and some of the landscape.

Do you have to go to a country to conduct research? Nope. People create fantastical worlds simply based upon theory, but it can prove helpful to visit when given the opportunity. Also, it adds to the memories and understanding we have for locations.

Traveling expands all our minds, I can't express the thought enough because I believe we should all travel more. By experiencing another culture we gain insight into their viewpoints and opinions. The same can be done by studying a culture's arts, politics and history, yet many of us do not.

One of the ways to create interesting characters and worlds is to create a functioning culture. For example, Azure Maris has a culture unique to Deep Waters. While she travels around learning about other cultures, her opinions are countered by her own culture.

Some of the best books utilize the worlds in which the characters live. While we may never visit Middle Earth, many who read the books can visualize the landscape through reading Tolkien's words. Travel provides the extra information we can utilize to create these worlds.


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