Back with Orfhlait

New month, new book.

I finished up April's book with around ten days to spare, and started another book. Unfortunately, I think that book will be a little slower going as I have a great deal of plotting and characterization to do.

Thankfully, however, I have Orfhlait's next book to write. Interestingly, this was the original book for the series then I added the first one, Shamrocks of Stone and a second book. While working on the second book, I realized it wasn't quite the time for that story, so I decided to work on the third book which is what I'm currently writing. What was going to be the second book will probably eventually be published as a 1.5 book.

Sometimes it happens - books take an unexpected turn. It happens more times than I care to admit, but I think it's also the joy of writing. How I expect a book or series to progress turns out to be quite different. It's an adventure, and more often than not, I learn from the characters.

Have you ever had a story take a different path?


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