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French Fridays - Week 2

This past week has been enjoyable. Once again, plenty of sightseeing, but we were able to go to church on Sunday with a message focused on Pentecost. Surprisingly, my French has improved (I finally have my left and right organized after listening to all the directions). I was able to follow along on the message on Sunday, partly because I knew the topic and partly because I could understand.

 Believe it or not, but the church is within walking distance to Versailles Palace. I had an enjoyable time walking around the area. Primarily, Marie Antoinette's territory. It's amazing how much land and power the family had. It also surprises me the French Revolution didn't happen a few years earlier with the gaudy display of wealth.

On Wednesday, the family we are staying with took us into Paris to see Notre Dame and Montmartre. It was a beautiful time, and I enjoyed it immensely. We were able to walk around and do some shopping for gifts to take home, not to mention take some bea…

Wednesday Wake-up

Greetings from France

I have arrived with only a few minor hiccups along the way. All in all the time here has been enjoyable, I've been able to see the birthplace of John Calvin since I happen to be staying in the town where he was born. Noyon, France, which is up in the Northern part of the country.

Tuesday morning, I arrived, and spent most of the day adjusting to the new schedule. Thankfully, my body adjusted and on Wednesday, I was ready to go. We spent the morning at the John Calvin house (Jean Calvin here in France), and looking around the beautiful cathedral in town.

Interestingly, during World War 1, most of the town was destroyed by bombardments, subsequently forcing the community to rebuild everything during the 1920s. Still, it's a beautiful town here in northern France. In the afternoon, we traveled around the countryside to see an old ruined abbey which was at one point a place of pilgrimage. Jean Calvin would travel there with his other on a holy day so he could touch the skull of …

Wednesday Wake-up

I'm going on an Adventure!

I can come up with a few different elements to head this post off with, but an adventure seems to be the best one. Later on today, I'll be flying out of the US heading East to Paris, France, for a little over three weeks.

It'll prove to be an enjoyable trip, filled with opportunities to see new places, meet the locals, and generally learn about the wonders that are France. While this trip focuses on whether or not I should move to France in the future, it will also provide opportunity for me to learn about the culture. I have a few books set in France at various times, and while Medieval France is not 1940s France and neither time period is modern day France, elements remain true such as the weather and some of the landscape.

Do you have to go to a country to conduct research? Nope. People create fantastical worlds simply based upon theory, but it can prove helpful to visit when given the opportunity. Also, it adds to the memories and understanding we have for locations.


French Fridays - Last Minute Things

I'll be leaving for France on Monday - I'm finally excited about the trip. I'm looking forward to traveling to see a new country, new faces, and new experiences. It will be interesting to meet the missionaries in France, as well as seeing how God is working in the country.

That being said, I don't know how often I'll be able to update the blog, but as I can, I'll add photographs and thoughts.

Wednesday Wake-up

Wednesday Wake-up

Back with Orfhlait

New month, new book.

I finished up April's book with around ten days to spare, and started another book. Unfortunately, I think that book will be a little slower going as I have a great deal of plotting and characterization to do.

Thankfully, however, I have Orfhlait's next book to write. Interestingly, this was the original book for the series then I added the first one, Shamrocks of Stone and a second book. While working on the second book, I realized it wasn't quite the time for that story, so I decided to work on the third book which is what I'm currently writing. What was going to be the second book will probably eventually be published as a 1.5 book.

Sometimes it happens - books take an unexpected turn. It happens more times than I care to admit, but I think it's also the joy of writing. How I expect a book or series to progress turns out to be quite different. It's an adventure, and more often than not, I learn from the characters.

Have you ever had …

French Fridays

It's down the last seventeen days until I leave for France.

I had a great time meeting other folks heading overseas last Saturday, and now I'm in the process of heading over to France. At this point, I have little to do to prepare other than calling the appropriate places (credit card, cell phone company) to let them know I'm going overseas.

Next week, I'll start to working on packing, and figuring out what I need to take with me. I prefer to pack lightly (a small suitcase and a carry-on), but because of that, I have to keep my items a minimum.

I learned the last time I went overseas that a large suitcase isn't always needed. For me, items to include beyond clothing and the like are a journal, camera and something to read.