Mixing Weaving and Writing

For the past two months, I've been working on a new series ... well, technically an old series since I wrote the first book back in 2011. Unfortunately, the series hadn't progressed as well as I wanted, and I needed to try a different approach.

To that end, I shifted the main character, Mederei, around a little by bringing her down twelve years to the age of seventeen, and turning her primary art into fashion, not tapestry weaving. Also added to this, I made the series into a traditional fantasy series in that it takes place in a different world than our own.

All these changes proved interesting to the storyline, making it stronger and more complex. Sometimes writers need time for their novels to process in order to make a stronger story. We write the first version, but if it doesn't feel quite right, it can take time to decide how to make it stronger. In Mederei's case, it's taken a little over three years for it to work out best.

However, changing Mederei around, and incorporating her fashion weaving into the storyline, has forced me to consider a few other items, such as how to make handwoven fashion. Thankfully, I've been developing my handwoven fabric for fashion, and now had the perfect opportunity to test out some ideas.

Now, the top isn't finished in the photograph, but it gives a good idea what it looks like. Often, I tend to learn how to do items because of my novels. For example, I learned how to knit socks because a character did, and I needed to know the process better.

While weaving and sewing clothes have been elements I've known how to do for over ten years, it's been combining the two of late that I find interesting. In this new series I'm writing, I can add novels I've written, but aren't quite working in their current situation. In a few cases, I have weavers in the other novels, so I'll be able to play around with the fashions within those contexts as well. All in all, it's proving to be interesting having the ability to mix my fiber arts with the writing.


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