French Fridays

Well, it's officially official - I'm going to France. The plane ticket has been purchased, and the money's all come in. I was a little concerned, but the Lord provided.

Last weekend, I had a short-term mission training down in Lancaster PA. It was a good time to meet other short-termers as well as learn about going inter-cultural exchanges. Unfortunately, I ended up twisting my knee in a team building event. This week, therefore, has been focused on healing. As I pointed out to my mission advisor, it was good for me to do this now instead of in France. Here, I have the time to heal, and now I know my limits.

This weekend, I'm heading down to Meyerstown PA (about an hour north of Lancaster) to have a Northeast TEAM fellowship. I'm looking forward to meeting missionaries and learning from them.

Oddly enough, now that it's finally the last month before I leave, I'm finally starting to look forward to the trip. Before now, it was too far away for me to recognize I was going. Now that I'm starting to figure out what I'll be packing and other necessities of travel, it will start to become more real.


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