French Fridays

Hope everyone is enjoying the Holy Week, and Easter weekend. For me, it's finally spring, though we're supposed to have snow tomorrow. Honestly, we hit sixty degree weather on Thursday and it plummets to the thirties by Saturday.

This winter is definitely turning into the winter that never ends.

With spring also comes my nearing trip to France. It's been exciting to see how the Lord has provided both through people I know, and through random strangers. I had the opportunity last weekend to talk with people about the up-coming trip. A few donated to the trip only because they wanted to support missions or because they wanted to support someone's trip overseas.

I think it's this part that has been the most amazing to me when random people are excited about the trip. It's encouraging to see their reactions as well as see how oversea trips -whether or not they went on mission trips- influenced their lives.

Seeing new cultures always changes us. While it might seem important for Christians to go on mission trips, I believe any trip requiring you to learn about a new culture is worthwhile. Often times, it's during the everyday interactions we find the most to challenge our misconceptions.

As summer nears, I hope many will take chances to see new places.

If you want to donate to my mission trip, visit here and type in Bridgette Britton for the missionary search.


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