French Friday

I'm on the road today, heading south for PA. I have a short-term mission training this weekend. It'll be fun, a chance to meet others preparing to go on short term mission trips this summer, as well as seeing how lives have been impacted already.

On a side note, for those who regularly visit the site, know that beginning Monday a few changes will be taking place, primarily, I'll be focusing more on posting blog entries. The first half of this year (hard to believe it's mid-April already) has been focused on finishing novels, so I haven't had much time to write.

Also, beginning Wednesday, I'll focus on the  Wednesday Wake-up again. For those of you who haven't known about the series, it's simply a series focusing on random doors I come across while searching the Internet and/or my own journeys. Doors often lead us into new worlds, situations and events. How we see a doorway can sometimes dictate how a story progresses. Think of it as a story starter - what lays beyond this path?


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