French Friday

It's nearing the end of the journey for the preparation stage. At this point, I'm waiting to see if I have all the money come in for me to go. If I don't raise the funds, I won't be able to go (I'm still about $900 short or so).

To that end, this is the last week you can donate to my upcoming trip (here, remember to type in Bridgette Britton as the missionary),  or purchase items off the Etsy site (here). I need the money in by 18 April.

Part of the reason I started the process was to see if this was the path I should take. I find it interesting to see how our lives move, how paths open and doors close. It's the same for my writing and my fiber arts.

Next week, I should have a better idea what will happen. It should prove to be an interesting week.


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