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Wednesday Wake-up

Choosing a Path

When I was little (like eight or nine years old) I loved reading the choose-your-own adventure novels. I read most of the ones my local library had, and I would re-read them after I chose one adventure.

As an adult, I wish it was as easy to choose an adventure as it was in the books, but sometimes life feels like we're wandering around in circles. For writers, especially Christian writers, one of the hardest choices to make is knowing which field to enter. I don't necessarily mean which genre (for fiction writers), but if the stories you write should focus on the Christian market or the mass market.

Sometimes, the novel dictates the field. A story centered on one's relationship with Christ will most likely do better in the Christian market, whereas a story focusing on the emotional well-being of a character might do better in either market.

I'm also learning that certain genres seem to do better in certain fields. Speculative genres like science-fiction and fantasy …

French Fridays

Well, it's officially official - I'm going to France. The plane ticket has been purchased, and the money's all come in. I was a little concerned, but the Lord provided.

Last weekend, I had a short-term mission training down in Lancaster PA. It was a good time to meet other short-termers as well as learn about going inter-cultural exchanges. Unfortunately, I ended up twisting my knee in a team building event. This week, therefore, has been focused on healing. As I pointed out to my mission advisor, it was good for me to do this now instead of in France. Here, I have the time to heal, and now I know my limits.

This weekend, I'm heading down to Meyerstown PA (about an hour north of Lancaster) to have a Northeast TEAM fellowship. I'm looking forward to meeting missionaries and learning from them.

Oddly enough, now that it's finally the last month before I leave, I'm finally starting to look forward to the trip. Before now, it was too far away for me to recog…

Wednesday Wake-up

Mixing Weaving and Writing

For the past two months, I've been working on a new series ... well, technically an old series since I wrote the first book back in 2011. Unfortunately, the series hadn't progressed as well as I wanted, and I needed to try a different approach.

To that end, I shifted the main character, Mederei, around a little by bringing her down twelve years to the age of seventeen, and turning her primary art into fashion, not tapestry weaving. Also added to this, I made the series into a traditional fantasy series in that it takes place in a different world than our own.

All these changes proved interesting to the storyline, making it stronger and more complex. Sometimes writers need time for their novels to process in order to make a stronger story. We write the first version, but if it doesn't feel quite right, it can take time to decide how to make it stronger. In Mederei's case, it's taken a little over three years for it to work out best.

However, changing Mederei arou…

French Friday

I'm on the road today, heading south for PA. I have a short-term mission training this weekend. It'll be fun, a chance to meet others preparing to go on short term mission trips this summer, as well as seeing how lives have been impacted already.

On a side note, for those who regularly visit the site, know that beginning Monday a few changes will be taking place, primarily, I'll be focusing more on posting blog entries. The first half of this year (hard to believe it's mid-April already) has been focused on finishing novels, so I haven't had much time to write.

Also, beginning Wednesday, I'll focus on the  Wednesday Wake-up again. For those of you who haven't known about the series, it's simply a series focusing on random doors I come across while searching the Internet and/or my own journeys. Doors often lead us into new worlds, situations and events. How we see a doorway can sometimes dictate how a story progresses. Think of it as a story starter - wh…

French Friday

It's nearing the end of the journey for the preparation stage. At this point, I'm waiting to see if I have all the money come in for me to go. If I don't raise the funds, I won't be able to go (I'm still about $900 short or so).

To that end, this is the last week you can donate to my upcoming trip (here, remember to type in Bridgette Britton as the missionary),  or purchase items off the Etsy site (here). I need the money in by 18 April.

Part of the reason I started the process was to see if this was the path I should take. I find it interesting to see how our lives move, how paths open and doors close. It's the same for my writing and my fiber arts.

Next week, I should have a better idea what will happen. It should prove to be an interesting week.

French Fridays

Hope everyone is enjoying the Holy Week, and Easter weekend. For me, it's finally spring, though we're supposed to have snow tomorrow. Honestly, we hit sixty degree weather on Thursday and it plummets to the thirties by Saturday.

This winter is definitely turning into the winter that never ends.

With spring also comes my nearing trip to France. It's been exciting to see how the Lord has provided both through people I know, and through random strangers. I had the opportunity last weekend to talk with people about the up-coming trip. A few donated to the trip only because they wanted to support missions or because they wanted to support someone's trip overseas.

I think it's this part that has been the most amazing to me when random people are excited about the trip. It's encouraging to see their reactions as well as see how oversea trips -whether or not they went on mission trips- influenced their lives.

Seeing new cultures always changes us. While it might seem…