French Fridays - Art

This week has been interesting. On Tuesday, I spoke with my mission counselor about the trip, and was able to express some of the concerns I have; on Wednesday, I was able to speak with another mission counselor as well as the other young woman going on this trip with me. Today, I have an open house to jump start the 2015 Craft season.

It's been an encouraging week in regards to talking with others about the upcoming trip, but at the same point, there is always those elements of concern. Some of it, like my dislike of flying, can be shoved to the side. Others, like what the Lord wants me to do, need to be considered and lifted in prayer.

The closer my trip comes, the more nervous and hopeful I become. I'm encouraged to see what will happen as these last few weeks pass.

If you want to donate to my trip click here, and search for Bridgette Britton.


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