Book Three Finished

As of this morning, I have finished book three of the Azure Maris series. This one, entitled Azure Depths finds Azure back home with her family, but things have changed over the two years she was away. Trouble seems to spring from all corners - people she once held dear have turned; her people seem to believe she is a pariah, and spies are in the city.

What's worse, is Azure can't figure out if the people opposed to her are in favor of Mano Leo-mana.

Now, I'm working on the fourth and final book of the series, Azure Dreams. Editing for the third book should begin next week as I usually take a week off after finishing.

Over the past year, I haven't wanted to write the second to last chapter, but through the processing of what happens as well as figuring out the story, it came smoothly enough. It's a relief to have the worse part of the story over, but Azure's fight is not over.

On a side note, I'm beginning the First of the Month Book Review this week, but it will hold off until Friday as part of my French Friday series. The book is one I read awhile ago, and focuses on a part of French history.


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