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French Fridays

I know I've mentioned it before part of the reason why I'm heading to France is to see if my art would work there. What I have failed to mention is beyond the writing part of my life (which many readers probably know the most about), I am also a fiber artist.

The photo is a sample of some of my handwoven fashion. Until mid-May when I leave for France, all the proceeds from my artisan business (also Bridgette ni Brian) will go towards the trip. To purchase items, or at least browse around, you can go here.

Most of my handwoven items are made from 100% cotton and are machine washable. The listings will give you more information.

If, on the other hand, you want journals, I also have some of those in stock. These are all handbound made from sketchbook paper, and come in a variety of sizes.

French Fridays - Art

This week has been interesting. On Tuesday, I spoke with my mission counselor about the trip, and was able to express some of the concerns I have; on Wednesday, I was able to speak with another mission counselor as well as the other young woman going on this trip with me. Today, I have an open house to jump start the 2015 Craft season.

It's been an encouraging week in regards to talking with others about the upcoming trip, but at the same point, there is always those elements of concern. Some of it, like my dislike of flying, can be shoved to the side. Others, like what the Lord wants me to do, need to be considered and lifted in prayer.

The closer my trip comes, the more nervous and hopeful I become. I'm encouraged to see what will happen as these last few weeks pass.

If you want to donate to my trip click here, and search for Bridgette Britton.

French Friday

It's coming down towards the end before I head to France. Found out earlier this week some of the cities I'll be visiting. While I knew I'd be in Paris, and suspected I'd visit Geneva, the surprise on list was Lyon, France.

The cool thing is Lyon has been one of the places on my 'To Visit' list ever since I learned about its silk history. During the Renaissance time period, Lyon was known for its silk production. While weaving doesn't have as strong of a presence in France as it once did, there are still places where it can be found.

Just a reminder, if you want to help support the trip to France, visit here and donate to missionary, "Bridgette Britton."

Book of the Month - A Distant Mirror

This month's book review focuses on A Distant Mirror by Barbara W. Tuchman. Originally published in 1987, this book is an expansive overview of Medieval French History through the life of Enguerrand de Coucy.

I'll admit that it's a long book (over 700 pages), and much of it is in academic writing. I took me two attempts to go through the book, the first being in an audio book, and the second with a hard copy of the book.

I found it both interesting and difficult. By focusing on the life of one man, it provides a stable, central character for the maddening world in France.

If you want an easy overview of Medieval France, this isn't the book to read, but if you are looking to research the time period, I would recommend this as a good overview.

Book Three Finished

As of this morning, I have finished book three of the Azure Maris series. This one, entitled Azure Depths finds Azure back home with her family, but things have changed over the two years she was away. Trouble seems to spring from all corners - people she once held dear have turned; her people seem to believe she is a pariah, and spies are in the city.

What's worse, is Azure can't figure out if the people opposed to her are in favor of Mano Leo-mana.

Now, I'm working on the fourth and final book of the series, Azure Dreams. Editing for the third book should begin next week as I usually take a week off after finishing.

Over the past year, I haven't wanted to write the second to last chapter, but through the processing of what happens as well as figuring out the story, it came smoothly enough. It's a relief to have the worse part of the story over, but Azure's fight is not over.

On a side note, I'm beginning the First of the Month Book Review this week, bu…