French Fridays - Slow and Steady

This is a little late today, partly because it's been a long week of writing for me. I'm nearly finished the third book in the Azure Maris series, and have been working on some weaving projects.

Slow and steady seems to be the best concept for when it comes to working on much of anything. Novels, weaving or even preparing for the mission's field - even a short term trip.

One thing I've been learning, is how to pace myself. It takes time for books to process even as it takes time to allow God to work in our lives. I think the hardest portion for me is allowing myself to relax. I'm one of those people who constantly think - there's always something working, but the question I find myself asking is what do I need to pursue among the many choices I have.

Part of the reason I'm heading to France is for this very option - to see which path I can possibly take. Life is an adventure; sometimes the adventure has a great many risks, other times it's peaceful. The fun part is navigating it.

If you want to help with the trip, visit here, and put in Bridgette Britton under missionary. Anything helps with the trip.


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