French Fridays - Meet and Greets

This past Sunday was a good day. Not only, did I have a chance to visit my old church, but I was also able to talk a little bit about what I'll be doing in France. One of the more interesting aspects about preparing to go on a mission's trip is meeting people.
"We're all stories in the end; just make it a good one."
                                                                                         The Doctor, Doctor Who

For me, people always have stories to tell. Some think themselves dull, and others think too highly of their stories, but no matter what - there is a story.

One of things I don't like about meeting new people is the energy drain, but it's something I'm used to being an introvert. For me, sustained periods of interaction, even with people I consider friends or in situations that aren't stressful, drain me. Sunday was no exception.

How people respond to new situations tends to differ. Whatever works for one person might not work for another. My younger sister and mom both tend introduce themselves, and quickly find someone to talk with; for me, I usually sit on the sidelines and watch.

People watching is a fun activity, but eventually, you have to talk with people. Having something to talk about helps me. Small talk bothers me, because I quickly run out of topics. Politics, religion, history and art are all topics I enjoy. For me, navigating into the other's person's interests is also helpful, and is part of the reason why I spend time staying abreast of a large subject range. You never know when something might spur you into a cool conversation.


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