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French Fridays - Slow and Steady

This is a little late today, partly because it's been a long week of writing for me. I'm nearly finished the third book in the Azure Maris series, and have been working on some weaving projects.

Slow and steady seems to be the best concept for when it comes to working on much of anything. Novels, weaving or even preparing for the mission's field - even a short term trip.

One thing I've been learning, is how to pace myself. It takes time for books to process even as it takes time to allow God to work in our lives. I think the hardest portion for me is allowing myself to relax. I'm one of those people who constantly think - there's always something working, but the question I find myself asking is what do I need to pursue among the many choices I have.

Part of the reason I'm heading to France is for this very option - to see which path I can possibly take. Life is an adventure; sometimes the adventure has a great many risks, other times it's peaceful. …

French Fridays - Preparation

For most of the Eastern US, it's cold. In my part of Western NY, we have -30 wind chill, and temperature highs in single digits. It's very cold and snowy.

They even talk about Niagara Falls freezing (ish, it's actually below the Falls that freeze, but it is cold). Currently, it's the forties (Fahrenheit) in France. Practically a heat wave compared to what I'm currently feeling.

One of the biggest aspects of traveling is the weather - preparing for the weather patterns normal in a given location is part of the research before heading over. At this point, anything warmer than 0 degrees Fahrenheit is a wonderful though.

Since I'll be in France from mid-May to mid-June, it'll be pleasant. Currently, it's one of things that helps with the cold - thinking warm thoughts about spring.


It's been an interesting first week of a new schedule, a schedule, I might add, I stumbled into. Sometimes, what we think is a problem turns out to be a blessing. After taking a hiatus or vacation, we find ourselves having trouble fitting back into the everyday and mundane.

I often find that forcing myself into a habit is the only thing that will help. It's the discipline of becoming a writer, and not waiting for inspiration to hit, but simply writing. Now, it's starting to pay off once again.

I've mentioned in other entries the struggle I've been having with the third book of Azure Maris' journey. I knew she would face troubles in this book, but through her faith and family, she would press forward and succeed. Yet, the title of the book, Azure Depths provides some hints about what's going to happen - darkness descends around her as she faces some of her biggest challenges.

Because of my new schedule, though, I'm finishing the chapters needed (just f…

French Fridays

I'm doing something different today, and adding a video called PrayerCast France. It's a three minute video designed to lead people into praying for France. With all that has happened this year, it's definitely a country in need of prayer.

French Fridays - Meet and Greets

This past Sunday was a good day. Not only, did I have a chance to visit my old church, but I was also able to talk a little bit about what I'll be doing in France. One of the more interesting aspects about preparing to go on a mission's trip is meeting people.
"We're all stories in the end; just make it a good one."                                                                                          The Doctor, Doctor Who

For me, people always have stories to tell. Some think themselves dull, and others think too highly of their stories, but no matter what - there is a story.

One of things I don't like about meeting new people is the energy drain, but it's something I'm used to being an introvert. For me, sustained periods of interaction, even with people I consider friends or in situations that aren't stressful, drain me. Sunday was no exception.

How people respond to new situations tends to differ. Whatever works for one person might not w…

Book Fun

This is actually a post about book binding, not about novels. Sorry, if you were hoping for a novel post.

In December 2014, I was asked to teach a bookbinding class at a local art store (local being Buffalo in this case). Of course I jumped at the chance to teach others about bookbinding, and the manager and I decided to focus on a March course.

Over the past few weeks, I've been trying to figure out how to design books using new techniques. After all, most of the supplies I would use would have to come through the art store, which knocked out most of the fabric I used to cover my books.

My option was to use gold leaf, and other fun things like that. It's been fun trying things. I happened to use Speedball's Mona Lisa Simple Leaf along with the adhesive pen by the same company. Back in college, I used some gold leaf for a class project, but haven't used it since then.

Now, after using it today, I realized how much fun it is. Very excited about trying some new things…