French Fridays - History

One of the things I enjoy most about traveling is learning about other locations. When I went to Ireland in 2007, I spent several months learning about Irish history.

As I prepare to go to France, the same thing happens - I learn about the country and its culture because often times, events happening today have historical precedence.

Over the past few years, I've been working on a few novels set in various historical time periods. Because of this, I've studied parts of French history already such as the Fifteenth Century. I'm looking forward to studying one of my favorite parts of French history - Gobelins Tapestries.

The Gobelins were a family of dyers who established a tapestry firm in Renaissance France. Their tapestries are considered some of the best tapestries.

As I prepare for my journey, I'll continue to research and learn.

Do any of you have favorite parts of French history?
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