French Fridays - French Lessons

I studied French in high school for all of a semester, but in college, I took two years of French. As a writing major, I was required to study a second language, and French seemed appropriate. After all, I enjoyed Early American History, the Renaissance, and art - three subjects which included a lot of French.

Keeping up my French has been harder, though. One of the things I discovered was a website called Duolingo which makes keeping up a language (or learning a new one) fun. If you're looking for a free language course, check it out.

Yet, I've also learned that keeping up the language skills only goes so far. After all, language learning like Duolingo helps me learn French vocabulary and sentence structure, but it doesn't always help with everyday language.

At this point, though there are several ways around it. One of the easiest ways for me is reading the French news. With so much going on currently about Charlie Hebdo, I generally have an idea what's being said without necessarily understanding word for word.

On the other hand, subjects which aren't covered in American news tend to be both harder and more helpful since I must use my French skills. I find it fascinating what makes the headlines around the world.

Next on the list, of course is speaking skills. Since I'll be in France for a month, I'll have to talk, but I prefer to have some vocabulary behind me.

Once again, if you want to support me, go here to TEAM's website, and type in Bridgette Britton under missionary.


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