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French Fridays - History

One of the things I enjoy most about traveling is learning about other locations. When I went to Ireland in 2007, I spent several months learning about Irish history.

As I prepare to go to France, the same thing happens - I learn about the country and its culture because often times, events happening today have historical precedence.

Over the past few years, I've been working on a few novels set in various historical time periods. Because of this, I've studied parts of French history already such as the Fifteenth Century. I'm looking forward to studying one of my favorite parts of French history - Gobelins Tapestries.

The Gobelins were a family of dyers who established a tapestry firm in Renaissance France. Their tapestries are considered some of the best tapestries.

As I prepare for my journey, I'll continue to research and learn.

Do any of you have favorite parts of French history?
Once again, if you want to donate to my trip visit here and type in Bridgette Bri…

Plodding and Prodding

I often feel, when I'm working on a book, that I have to slug through muck to make it to the end. It's the hard part of writing - writing when you don't feel like it or when the story isn't easy to write. In these cases, writing feels more like pulling a heavy load than a fun adventure.

In other cases, it isn't so much pulling a load as much as keeping the beast moving, hence the prodding part.

Both cases are filled with certain amounts of frustration and tension. Often, at the end of these days of writing, I feel worn out, tired, and cranky. Yet, I know the frustration is worth it at the end of the day.

If you plan on writing for any length of time, you will hit days like this, not to mention weeks and months. There will be stories that you want to write, but for whatever reason the writing doesn't come easily. At these times, one of the most important things to do is to take breaks, and allow your brain to relax.

I have found three primary ways to help my…

French Fridays - French Lessons

I studied French in high school for all of a semester, but in college, I took two years of French. As a writing major, I was required to study a second language, and French seemed appropriate. After all, I enjoyed Early American History, the Renaissance, and art - three subjects which included a lot of French.

Keeping up my French has been harder, though. One of the things I discovered was a website called Duolingo which makes keeping up a language (or learning a new one) fun. If you're looking for a free language course, check it out.

Yet, I've also learned that keeping up the language skills only goes so far. After all, language learning like Duolingo helps me learn French vocabulary and sentence structure, but it doesn't always help with everyday language.

At this point, though there are several ways around it. One of the easiest ways for me is reading the French news. With so much going on currently about Charlie Hebdo, I generally have an idea what's being said …

French Fridays

Bonjour! My French is growing again as I prepare to travel to France in May. Beginning today, I'm going to dedicate Fridays to my upcoming trip. I had debated about whether to create a new blog or to keep it here, and decided it was easier and practical to write here.

As I write this entry, I'm currently listening to a French music album (Blonde) by Canadian artist, Coeur de Pirate. Check it out on YouTube.

I'll be heading to France for a month, beginning in the middle of May. I'm excited about the trip, and look forward to meeting people. Part of the journey is to connect with French missionaries to see if my art can be utilized in France.

I'll be going with a group called TEAM which has centers in Paris and the Alps region. It's a group I've known about for a few years, and when I saw they had Creative Arts missionaries, I took a chance to see if I could go.

Why art, you ask? Why not?

One answer to the art question is simply because I use art to expre…

Happy New Year!

While I realize that it's a week into the new year, I figured I would wish you all a Happy New Year.

Do any of you have any goals you want to do this year? Visit another country? Write a novel? I enjoy setting goals for myself. Sometimes it's simply to finish the novel I'm currently on, while other times it's organizing what I need to work on.

What I've found is having a big goal - finish the novel - is best completed by having a series of little goals - write for an hour every night. Another thing, which is probably the hardest for me, is sending out the finished novel. Usually editing is fun, but there comes a point when you have to follow through.

So, here's to your goals for this year. I hope you succeed with them.