Book Review - December

I think this is one of my favorite books. Part of it is from the photographs, partly because it is about Ireland, and partly because it involves weaving.

Weaving Tapestry in Rural Ireland is about a group called Taipeis Gael in County Donegal. The book is substantial, heavy with beautiful photographs, some in black and white, many in color. It's really an ode to the weavers in County Donegal.

Tapestry weaving is not indigenous to Ireland. Something I had to remind myself while I wrote Shamrocks of Stone. This book, however, is part of the reason I often set contemporary weavers in Ireland (and to be honest, I love Ireland).

Some of my favorite sections include the gallery of tapestries as well as the section on natural dyes found in the Isles. It's a section I used for another series I'm writing.

If you like Ireland or weaving this is one of those books to purchase. It's a good book to flip through occasionally.

Note: the book cover links you to Amazon where I receive a small commission when you click through. It's a way you can support your local writer.


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