Thus ends the season

My fair season ended on Saturday without a fair. Strong winds blew in from the West, leaving the only option for the Saturday Artisan Market leaders to cancel the last fair. Oh well, personally, I didn't want to attempt putting up a tent in 15+ miles per hour winds.

Not fun.

Appleumpkin, 2014

This lovely photo is from Appleumpkin this year, where I had the help of both my mom and sister, as you can see. In case you're wondering, they're discussing a book, but I can't remember if it's one of mine, or the one Mom brought with her.

Shifting from primarily weaving to primarily writing offers some different troubles, but in both cases, it takes time. Sometimes, a project forces you to take time. For example, Azure Depths (the third book in the four-part series) spends most of the story in Deep Waters, but I discovered last week that I needed to consider how they built the city.

I cannot use futuristic ideas about building this city since some of the elements may or may not be conducive for Deep Waters. Added to that, the city has existed for several thousand years. Even with various and sundry attacks, most of the city survived throughout the ages. Stones, sand, bare rock, these are the elements most likely used, but the look of the city remains off.

This is one of the times I wish I could draw better. I can see the city in my mind, but how do I describe it on paper is harder - whether through words or through sketches. Oddly, the same is also true for Orfhlait, but not to the same extent. For Orfhlait, I have books I can use to research. Locations in Cairo have remained there for thousands of years, but I can see those. The harder part for Orfhlait is learning what existed when. Sometimes, a writer simply has to make an educated guess.

As one season ends, another begins. If any of you were unable to visit me at the fairs, you can still visit here, like Bridgette ni Brian on Facebook; follow @bridgettenbrian on Twitter.

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