First of the Month Review - Art Inc.

Today, I'm focusing on the business of art with a book I recently purchased called Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon.

The short version of the review is good. If you're interested in turning your art hobby into a business, this is a good resource to borrow or purchase.

All in all, I found it useful in that it provides several elements true to all artists: building websites and blogs, developing social media, and how to market yourself to companies and individuals. The major drawback, I found, is its focus on two-dimensional arts such as drawing, painting and illustration. This makes sense since Congdon is an illustrator and painter. Yet, despite this drawback, even for three dimensional artists the book has some very good points.

One of the aspects I found helpful was her chapter on Exhibitions and Galleries (chapter 5). I have wanted to show my work in galleries, but hadn't found a good way to present the subject. Part of the reason has to do with how I perceive other people's understanding of fiber arts. This chapter provided some helpful suggestions of creating a portfolio, building an exhibition and presenting ideas to gallery directors.

For anyone in the 2D field, this book should be at least part of your library, but may not turn into your quick reference. It works best for someone who doesn't know exactly what to do, but wants to try. For the 3D artists, if your items are more gallery and less craft, the book might be useful enough to purchase, otherwise, just borrow it from the library or a friend.


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