Walking Through Doors

There is something about doorways that intrigue me. They intrigue a lot of people, apparently given the amount of door photographs on Pinterest which is where all these came from. One of my boards is dedicated entirely to doors.

I like doors partly because you can go through them. Windows are cool enough, but tend to be utilitarian in design. They offer a glimpse, but not an entrance. One of my favorite scenes from the Sound of Music is where Maria makes the comment that "God sometimes closes a door, but he always opens a window."

Doors lead us to new places, new activities, new experiences and new relationships. These doors can be metaphoric or physical. I've had doors slammed in my face, and doors opened to me. Doors protect us, and define us.

Since this week is the beginning of a new season, take the time to evaluate what you do, and the why. For some of us, this is a natural part of our rhythms. I tend to reevaluate my projects and focus around the beginning of October because that's when my birthday comes. For others, we evaluate around major milestones in life: graduation, new job, marriage, new relationship. Others only focus when something bad happens whether in our own lives or in the greater culture.

If you're struggling to write, take a look at the door above or even those around you today. Who lives beyond these doors? Is it work or home? Write a story. Beginning next Wednesday, I'll post pictures of doors that I find whether on Pinterest or out and about. Comment below with a story idea about who lives beyond the door in the post. Maybe someone's idea will jog a story.


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