Hints about Azure and Orfhlait

It's September, and I have taken most of the summer off from writing, but it's time to begin writing again. Besides, I have Orfhlait captured, and Azure with a seriously injured brother.

Time to take care of those situations, I suppose.

For those of you anxiously awaiting news of Brun, rest assured, as Azure Maris often reminds herself, "The priesthood of Deep Waters cannot die."

The bad news for Azure fans is during September I will focus on Orfhlait's situation (good news for Orfhlait fans, though).

So what are some of things to expect in the upcoming books? Orfhlait ends up far from home, in a land she does not know, and must reconcile her Christian faith in this new world. For her, freedom begins to take on new meanings. While she is free from the convent's regulations and expectations, she is no longer free. To her mind, she has traded one slavery for another. Just how free will she ever be?

For Azure, things begin to heat up even more in Book 3 (Azure Depths). Mano Leo-mana's true self reveals himself in a way that Azure never expected. For her, she still must reconcile her need to fight Mano Leo-mana with what appears to be the Lord's will for her life. The question, Azure asks: is it ever wiser to defy God's path for one's life?

So there are some hints about what's coming up in Book 2 of Orfhlait's adventures (tentatively titled, Shamrocks in Wool) and Book 3 of Azure's adventures, (Azure Depths).


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