Crazy Busy Summer

So I mentioned last week, that yes, I'm still around, but it's been a busy summer. Now, with summer winding down, I'm looking to get back into my fairly normal routine which means that more entries will be added to the blog.

Unfortunately, September remains on my near horizon, and I have fairs basically every weekend. Yeah!

Normally, I'm not all the thrilled for busy days. I'm more of a serendipity sort of person. I like having items on my to-do list, but less then ten. Granted, when it sometimes take me a day to write a chapter in a book, having less than ten of those sorts of items to do is very practical.

My normal day would include weaving and writing and breaks. Both weaving and writing have their long stretches of work. Once I'm finished writing a novel, it needs to be edited by me, someone else (usually Mom) and lastly the editor. The editing stage can take upwards of six to eight months depending how quickly it goes.

Weaving often takes less time only because I weave a smaller amount of warp. To finish the poncho below it takes me about two days.

River Moss Poncho
Granted, the weaving is the longest portion, taking most of a day and a half to do. Putting the poncho together takes about two hours ... ish. By the way, said poncho is for sale over at my Etsy store (here).

Yet, busy days are also good days. Fair days are always busy, as are the days preceding the fair, but it's a good sort of busy. So, what about you? Do you prefer your days full of activity or do you prefer a slower day?


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