You Will Have Sorrow

There are times in every life where sorrow is a constant companion. We walk this life and there will be hard times and lonely times. There will be times of joy and dancing, as well as sorrow and weeping.

Currently, my family is in a time of remembrance. We found out at the end of last month that one of my cousins had died unexpectedly. This weekend, we bury him.
The Connemara, Ireland, 2007
I come from a large extended family. While my grandparents only had three children and six grandchildren, we are part of a larger family between my grandparents many siblings, nieces and nephews. It's time for us to come together and mourn for one of our own.

I try to explain to people about how I see church, and this is the best example I have: family. In my world, I have a limited amount of aunts and uncles, but a plethora of cousins of all ages. We have a common ancestor and heritage, and that connects us to each other and the past. We grow up in different family structures with different traditions, memories and humor, but at the end of it, we can say that we're family, and it unites us.

It unites us in times of laughter such as at weddings or the introduction of newborns. It comforts us during times of tears whether at a funeral or when danger strikes.

As my family travels down this road of sorrow, we will remember the good times and the laughter, and by remembering, bring comfort.


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