First of the Month Book Review - June

This month's book review is, Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth L. Cline. If there is any book out there I believe everyone should read, it's this one.

Honestly, while I knew a great deal about fashion based both upon my own observations and other articles, I didn't quite realize the full extent of cheap fashion.

Overdressed provides a good history of the fashion industry as well as an overview of modern fashion. I will admit I'm not much on shopping for clothes. For me, it's always been (a) I don't like the fashion, (b) I'm out of their size-range, or (c) I'm too tall for the clothes or style. Purchasing too many clothes wasn't an issue. I do admit to having clothes in my closet I purchased on a whim, but the whim is rare.

For me, it's was the waste we accumulate because of our cheap clothes. I'm guilty of throwing out clothes instead of trying to repair or re-use. Being an artist without much income forces me to consider how I can make my clothes last, but eventually, the clothes are just too far gone.

After last year's clothing factory collapse, I think many people have taken a look how we manufacture clothes. In the United States, there is a push to buy "American Made" clothes, but for many folks, we simply cannot afford the prices of clothes made in the USA. We have to stretch our dollars, and cheap clothes are are best.

It's a vicious cycle: we purchase cheap clothes because that's what we can afford, but have to purchase more clothes because our cheap clothes have worn out. While some of us believe that the fast fashion applies only to the teen and twenty-something females who want the latest and greatest, it isn't. Cheaper clothes, both the material used and the hands creating, affects all of us. We cannot separate the two from our daily lives because our desire for cheap clothes pushes businesses to find cheaper, cost-effective ways to make the clothes.

Do any of us have all the answers? Nope, not really. Unfortunately, the web is so interconnected that to pull on one string causes problems on the opposite side. It takes a concerted effort for us to take care of our world, both the lives therein as well as the resources.

Overdressed gives you the background on one part of the problem. Go read it.   


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