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Shamrocks of Stone - the Good Guys

Every main character has a supporting cast they trust. These individuals are mentors, family, friends and lovers. They can provide the necessary reality check or cheering squad. They are invaluable to the development of the protagonist because they offer a slightly different view on the main character. In Orfhlait's case, these individuals often provide a better look at Orfhlait's personality and relationship to others in the community.

Orfhlait's world centers around her family, the convent and the greater community. She has an uncommonly wide view of her world due in part to her insatiable curiosity as well as her family connections. In this time period, like now, the wealthy upper-class often have relations and friends across the world. In Orfhlait's case, her parents are connected to individuals in London and Paris.


Her biggest supporter is her elder brother, Amergin. A few years older than she is, Amergin provides the necessary reality to Orfhlait's often skewed view of herself. As their father's most trusted warrior, Amergin is in charge of investigations in their kingdom whether murder or robbery, it is Amergin's responsibility to investigate and bring forth the charges.

To a lesser, and subtler degree, Orfhlait's father, Sorcer, is also one of her supporters. He has a very cool relationship with his daughter partly because he doesn't know what to do with her. Sorcer balances his position in Ireland with his position in England. He is a king in Ireland, but a mid-level noble in England.


Sister Belladonna is the apothecary for the convent, and the one who primarily teaches Orfhlait about herbs. Like her namesake, Sister Belladonna may be beautiful, but she can be quite deadly. Unlike others in the story, Sister Belladonna comes from Galway (the others are locally born and raised). By nature, she sees things differently, and grounds Orfhlait. She is very much Orfhlait's older sister and mentor.

Brother Maidoc and the Mother Superior are brother and sister by blood and faith. Together, they have reined Orfhlait's energy into good. Both have used their influence over her to train her as well as encourage her towards accepting her position. Mother Superior is the head of Orfhlait's convent, while Brother Maidoc is the apothecary at a nearby friary.


Daili, one of the knights in the kingdom, is Orfhlait's primary love interest in that she is interested in him. As a nun, however, she cannot act upon that love. Daili, in turn, loves Orfhlait, but understanding her position does not pursue it. He does, however, bring a different perspective to her life as he is her knight. He is there to defend her, argue with her, and protect her from herself if need be.

As a social equal, Eleanor, one of Orfhlait's friends, acts as the defense against Orfhlait's family. The two women have been friends a long time though there are a few years difference between them. Unlike Orfhlait, Eleanor is willing to take the chances needed to change her life. Unfortunately, those chances sometimes attract worst changes instead of better changes.

Through Orfhlait's mind, you see a reflection of her world both the struggles and realities therein, but through Orfhlait's friends and family, you see more of who this character is, and come to discover the strength and love that she doesn't know she has.


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