First of the Month Book

To begin, let me say that I will be shifting the posting schedule slightly due to the fact that Saturdays are crazy in the summer. Because of that, beginning today, the First of the Month Book Review will be on the first Monday, not the first Saturday of the month.

Today's review focuses on fiber arts, and one of my personal dislikes - hems. I cannot describe how much I hate hems. In fact, if it is at all possible for a garment to be left unhemmed, I will use it. One can only imagine how much I enjoyed the "frayed hem" fashion a few years back.

Knitting on the Edge by Nicky Epstein was a book I first found in the local library, but has since disappeared from local library. Fortunately, I found it at a craft store for over sixty percent off. This book is a good, handy resource. She does have a second one out as well, which I will review as soon as I get a copy of it.

Knitting on the Edge provides individuals with a plethora of hems for knitted items. Granted, if you don't know how to knit, this book may or may not be much use to you. On the other hand, she has several little projects inside that could be beneficial for those who want to learn to knit, but don't want to make a scarf.

Personally, I like it for the simple fact that the entire book is based upon edges. As a weaver, I don't always have the ability to put in ribbed edges for my garments. Sometimes, it's a true pain in the neck when I'm designing. This book, however, gives me a wide variety of edges to use for my projects. Now, as soon as I finish weaving the current project, I will be able to put a knitted edge on it.


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