The Courage to Create

There are a few things in my life I refuse to put on my bucket list: jumping out of planes, skiing down mountains, and racing cars at two hundred miles an hour. These are just not things that I wish to do. That being said, should I ever find myself in the middle of a action adventure experience in which I need to do those items, I will.

My personality likes adventure, just not reckless (to my mind) adventure. I find it hard enough to talk to people about my books and arts when I'm not at book signings or art fairs. It's even harder to converse with someone about art in general because most of the people I know couldn't tell a Matisse from a Picasso let alone know who Matisse is from Rembrandt.

Knotted Pile, 2011
Some people believe being an artist is easy. All we have to do is throw paint on canvas, write a few pithy sayings, or play a song. It's not hard at all, really. For many of us who do create, no, it isn't hard to do those things. I have stories coming out my brain, and for the most part it takes everything I have to organize them.

I enjoy creating stories or weaving material for accessories. I especially enjoy the times I can utilize both elements whether in a book or in the woven garments. It fascinates me, and that fascination keeps me coming back.

It takes courage to show someone else my work. I came across a quote by Henri Matisse that simply states, "Creativity takes courage." No matter where you are in your creative life, it will take courage to create.

For the beginner, it takes courage to practice day in and day out when whatever you create doesn't look quite right.

For the more established ones, it takes courage to edit or remake your project. You might have finished your novel, but now you need to edit it.

For those who have made a career in the arts, it takes courage to pursue a new avenue or a new train of thought. To step outside what is expected, and follow what is possible.

For all of us, no matter our level, it takes courage to talk with people, to show people our work. We open up ourselves to criticism and praise, and it takes courage to do that. It takes courage to pursue your dreams when everything around you has failed. To stand there on the dark, rough road, and to know that the path you're on is where you need to be.

While we enjoy the process, the creation, and the art within us, never underestimate the many small steps of courage artists make each and every day. Art isn't easy, and it isn't for the faint of heart. It is a quest to find that which brings beauty and truth to the world so desperately in need of both.


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