Take a Chance

One of the hardest things involved with being a writer, or an artist in general, is the choice to take risk. There are few things in life that don't require some sort of a risk: asking that someone special out on a first date; applying for a job; choosing a different path than what is expected.

We all face daily challenges often without realizing it. It's a challenge to take your stories, thoughts and dreams from this:

Pile of Journals
To this:
First copy of Azure Maris
People who don't write, those who only read if that much, don't fully understand the horror and fears wrapped up in the submission process. Some people compare it to sending a child out. I have no children, so while I accept that as a valid comparison, it never reflected my feelings.

In all honesty, I felt as though someone had suddenly turned back my defenses to look inside my being. Not just to the me I projected, but to the me I hoped few would find. Writing is an intimate process. Artists pour themselves into their art, revealing portions of themselves to the world around them.

A world which may or may not care about you.

A world who doesn't know you from Jack.

A world that is often mean.

And we dive into the world because we're compelled to create. For us to not create is paramount to death. It's impossible for us to not create, and that power can overwhelm us, threatening to surmount any defenses we've placed around the soul.

I can tell you that over time, it becomes easier to bare your soul. You learn how to navigate the currents, to find those to trust. Until then, it is a ride through dangerous times where you might feel you cannot take another hit.

I assure you: you can take another hit; you can take another blow. You will learn to see the attack, and you will learn to defend yourself or navigate around it. Much of this just comes from maturing.

So, to those of you who stand on the edge of the waters of creativity; to those have dabbled in the soft currents beside the streams and wonder what worlds lay beyond your sight - don't hesitate; don't fear; find the way to navigate the waters and take the journey.

Push off from the shore, catch a wind, find the current, and live.


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