Shamrocks of Stone Release

For those of you waiting on the latest of my newest series, Shamrocks of Stone has been released for e-books (here). You can pre-order Shamrocks of Stone as well.

This book is a historical mystery series set in the 15th century (1400s), Ireland. Orfhlait ni Sorcer, the daughter of the local king, lives in a nearby convent where she is expected to become a nun. Orfhlait (pronounced OR la) has other plans. When her friend, Aidan is found murdered, Orfhlait insists she should help her older brother investigate the crime. Her brother reluctantly agrees, realizing that tapping his sister's intelligence is probably the best way to help her.

As the story progresses, Orfhlait soon learns that not everything is at it seems, and she isn't the only one who faces trials in her life. The hand of God has touched the kingdom, but no one knows if all the turmoil is going to be beneficial or not.


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