Light in the Darkness

The past twenty-four hours have been interesting. First of all, it hasn't been crazy, just interesting. My mom owns a rental property, and we've been finishing that up ... fun stuff. Today, I spent my morning at the DMV helping a friend, but that ended up being problematic when not all the papers were signed, and I couldn't reach the insurance company to change something. Yeah, it's been interesting.

Unfortunately, life happens to all of us. Sometimes it's the normal things: DMV stuff or our homes. Sometimes it's those dark times in the art when we have no clue where we are presently, where we're going or even how to go there.

I wish I could say that life as an artist will be easy, but it isn't. Currently, I'm in one of those places where I cannot move one way or another. I do what I'm supposed to do, but money isn't coming in ... and bills need to be paid, and more money is needed to generate more income. It's tight, hard, and by no means pleasant. Stress levels rise, and I find myself turning to God in prayer.

He isn't answering - or at least not in the way I want him to answer.

I've heard the song below on the radio of late, and finally looked at the video. It's a good reminder, for me at least, that God gives us a light to follow. Sometimes it's the path we need to take, and sometimes it's simply the guidance of where not to go.

On a side note: tomorrow, April 12 from 11 am to 2 pm I will be at Benders Bookstore for a book signing. If you're in the Western NY/ Ontario Canada area, why not come out to visit. Better yet, if you're coming down for the opening of the Mummies of the World at the Buffalo Museum of Science, swing by Benders.


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