Big Kid Looms

Last Saturday, I posted about a loom my sister made me, and my first three attempts at rug weaving.

Peg Loom 15" by 27"
This week and next week, I'm going to step you through the process to create the rugs. The first step is to cut down the material you will use. The screws on the loom are 1" apart, so it works best if I cut my material into 2" strips.

For the short end, I cut the strips to 32" and the long ends are 54". I sew the ends together, and loop them around the screws.

Frame with Loop
I found it actually easier to put the short side loops on first followed by the long ends which I weave. The only reason is that I have less to weave. Once finished weaving, the edges are bound off.

Sample of the woven edge
The process is actually easier with a crochet hook (N-13 or a P-15 size), but below is a second possible way to bind the edge off.
Loop over Second Loop
To bind it off, the loop you are binding off needs to be put over the next loop. It works better on a crochet hook, but you can also use your finger as well, depending on the tension. Pull the under loop up, and through the top loom (photo below). Repeat the process around the loom.
Pulling under loop through to bind off first loop
At the end of the rug, you need to secure the ends. So far, what I've done is to split the last loop and tie the ends off then weave the tails back through the rug. It holds up under a run through washing machine.

Next week, I'll finish up the rug with the three rugs put together.


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