Adult Peg Looms

Today we'll finish up the peg loom rugs.

When you have woven the three rugs, you end up with three individual rugs that are too small for much of anything, but when combined, turn into something better.

Three Finished Rugs
Yet, when you sew the rugs up, you end up with a larger rug. The rugs measure about 1 foot by 2 feet individually, so when they are finished, it is a 2' by 3' rug. Still small, but not impractical. I attempted to sew them down with the sewing machine, but the edges were too thick to go under the foot. Needle and thread are the best use way to finish them up. For those concerned if it will hold up in the wash, it  did.
A second way to bind them together would be to crochet them together if you have enough fabric to do so. I have a terrible time of crocheting squares together, so I chose the needle and thread option. Also, it doesn't show in the finished product.
Beginning Edge
You can start at one of two places: the one that combines the two parallel pieces or the perpendicular piece. I find it easier to start with the parallel pieces, but knot the end of the string, pull it through the fabric and follow the pattern up. Make certain you incorporate much of the fabric as you can to keep the item secure.
Center of the Rug
When you begin to stitch the perpendicular piece on, give special attention to the center of the rug. When I sewed mine up, it wasn't even, so I used the thread to secure the center of the three rugs, and even it up a bit. Securing the end of the thread however you would normally (I usually knot it a couple times then send the tail through other fabric, and snip the far end).
Finished Rug
When the rug is finished, you can through it into the washer to even out and fill up the spaces. The rug will shrink a little bit anyway. As you can see, we've put it to use in the kitchen already. My mom says it's better than my other woven rugs because this rug stays put.
I did discover that using the two different types of fabric (calico cotton and t-shirt material) did not shrink the same amount so the rug remains a little lopsided.
Not bad for the first attempt.


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