Weaving Updates

Unfortunately, I don't have a photograph for today's post since my sister is finishing up my new weaving frame today. I saw the concept on Pinterest, and had my sister look at it. Thankfully, she can make it.

Do you remember those square looms where you stretched loops from one side to the other then wove on the perpendicular sides? Potholder looms they were often called. Well, take the concept and enlarge it to feet, not inches, and you have the concept of my new loom.

We're going to make mats off the loom, around 3 x 4 feet. Personally, I remember the fun I had making items, but the potholders were always too small; now, we'll be able to make larger items. Once everything is tested, I'll post photographs of the projects.

Have any you ever found a photograph and wanted to try the same thing? Did the experiment turn out well or did it flop?


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