Back Again

I hope everyone had a happy New Year, and a very Merry Christmas. Letting you all take a look at the cover for Azure Lights, the second installment of Azure Maris' journey.

Originally plotted to be out before Christmas, it wasn't ... obviously, but we are at the printing stage and therefore it will be out soon. We decided to go with a minimalist design for the book partly because it suited the action. The farther she moves in the story, the less support Azure has, and she does feel as though she's losing air to breath.

On Thursday, I'll post the first of the month book review. It's one of my favorite books to read when I'm in an emotional or creative slow point. Many make New Year Resolutions which sometimes involve picking up a new hobby, or finally pursuing one's art full time, or at least with commitment. The book on Thursday is a good one to help you focus or encourage you.


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