A First

When I was in college, I was an art minor, therefore I never had an art show. As a creative writing major, my time was spent writing. In truth, I never considered myself the greatest of artists since my drawing skills were negligible, at best.

I did, however, fall in love with painting during my junior year of college when I realized illusion was often better than reality, and isn't that what writing is, in essence? I lean to the Impressionists than the Dutch Masters, but as far as visual art is concerned, I came into my own with fiber arts. Creating books (the literal of both writing the book and producing/binding the book) as well as calligraphy.

Therefore, it was a first for me when over the Thanksgiving/Christmas 2013, I entered two items into a local art show. I never made it into see them hanging, but they were present which, for me, is an important first.

Madras Vacation (L) and Winter Mist (R)
The photos don't show it as well, but the two items are nearly the same size. Serendipity is part of the creative process; case in point, my two items: Madras Vacation was destined to be a purse, but it's on the small side, and I like the material. The same was true for Winter Mist, though in that case, I liked how the fringe fell; it's chenille, and the fringe would have not survived the wash.

Sometimes, events happen: seeing a call for art pieces, not wanting to use fabric for a purse, or just taking a step. So, at the beginning of this new year, I lift a glass to the firsts: those frightfully scary moments where we believe nothing will ever be the same, but know that beyond the fear good things await.



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