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Weaving Updates

Unfortunately, I don't have a photograph for today's post since my sister is finishing up my new weaving frame today. I saw the concept on Pinterest, and had my sister look at it. Thankfully, she can make it.

Do you remember those square looms where you stretched loops from one side to the other then wove on the perpendicular sides? Potholder looms they were often called. Well, take the concept and enlarge it to feet, not inches, and you have the concept of my new loom.

We're going to make mats off the loom, around 3 x 4 feet. Personally, I remember the fun I had making items, but the potholders were always too small; now, we'll be able to make larger items. Once everything is tested, I'll post photographs of the projects.

Have any you ever found a photograph and wanted to try the same thing? Did the experiment turn out well or did it flop?

Second Series

My second series does not have a series title yet, but the first book, Shamrocks of Stone, is in the final stages of production. We're currently working on the cover and interior designs.

This series begins my murder mysteries, and historical novels since the book is set in 1405, Ireland. When I receive the final cover, I'll post it here.

The novel is due out in March 2014.

Azure Lights E-book Available

After waiting over a year for it, Azure Lights is now available as an e-book. The hard copy version will be ready near Valentine's Day. Click here or on the picture above to take you to the e-book.

Now out of Crabapple Harbor, Azure, Eliam and Mitch have landed on the island where Eliam's grandparents live. Unfortunately, not all is as it seems, and Azure quickly discovers that she is not only far from home, but even closer to Mano Leo-mana's power.

Photos from Home

Today, just thought I'd share a photograph from my recent trip up to Niagara Falls.

 Rumor had it that the Falls had frozen, so Mom and I went up to see. The Falls themselves weren't frozen (we only went to the American Falls, but if they're flowing then the Horseshoe Falls were flowing as well). The river had ice in it, but that was about all.

I enjoy visiting the Falls any time of the year, but I rarely go up in the winter because of the cold, snow, and sometimes crazy driving conditions.

Holding my Nose

I hate vegetables, especially raw vegetables. Now, I don't hate them so much that I don't eat them, but I cannot eat vegetables independently. In other words, you will never see me snacking on carrots, slicing up a cucumber, or eating cherry tomatoes fresh from the garden. I will eat salads; I will put veggies on burgers or sandwiches, but I will never eat them alone.

There is a list of vegetables that I will never eat such as canned spinach. It wasn't until college that I ate raw spinach for salads (partly because I didn't like lettuce). Most cooked carrots I won't eat unless it's part of a stew, roast, or sweetened (I love caramelized carrots, by the way).

When I was kid, however, I was required to eat my vegetables. My parents had two rules for my sister and me: one bite to taste a new food, but if we didn't like it, we didn't have to eat anymore; one spoonful of vegetables we didn't like. On the days in which I didn't have mashed potatoes …

A First

When I was in college, I was an art minor, therefore I never had an art show. As a creative writing major, my time was spent writing. In truth, I never considered myself the greatest of artists since my drawing skills were negligible, at best.

I did, however, fall in love with painting during my junior year of college when I realized illusion was often better than reality, and isn't that what writing is, in essence? I lean to the Impressionists than the Dutch Masters, but as far as visual art is concerned, I came into my own with fiber arts. Creating books (the literal of both writing the book and producing/binding the book) as well as calligraphy.

Therefore, it was a first for me when over the Thanksgiving/Christmas 2013, I entered two items into a local art show. I never made it into see them hanging, but they were present which, for me, is an important first.

The photos don't show it as well, but the two items are nearly the same size. Serendipity is part of the creative…

First of the Month Review

Slightly late, but here it comes:

Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art by Madeleine L'Engle is one of the books I return to on occasion, especially when I need a respite.

The book is small, about four by six inches, and short (256 pages, but I consistently read books in the 350-600 page length, so yes, it is short). All in all, it's the perfect size to slip into a purse or coat pocket. The size makes it ideal for gift-giving to the artist or recent graduate. While the book focuses on art and faith, it is not necessarily exclusive to artists and faith.

Originally written back in the early Eighties, the current book is an updated version containing twelve essays focusing on different topics. Scattered throughout the book are quotes from L'Engle's writer's journals (for those who don't know, a writer's journal is a place where writers store ideas and inspirations).

The copy I read was from my library, but it is on my "to purchase" list as…

Back Again

I hope everyone had a happy New Year, and a very Merry Christmas. Letting you all take a look at the cover for Azure Lights, the second installment of Azure Maris' journey.

Originally plotted to be out before Christmas, it wasn't ... obviously, but we are at the printing stage and therefore it will be out soon. We decided to go with a minimalist design for the book partly because it suited the action. The farther she moves in the story, the less support Azure has, and she does feel as though she's losing air to breath.

On Thursday, I'll post the first of the month book review. It's one of my favorite books to read when I'm in an emotional or creative slow point. Many make New Year Resolutions which sometimes involve picking up a new hobby, or finally pursuing one's art full time, or at least with commitment. The book on Thursday is a good one to help you focus or encourage you.