Facing Fears

I'm not exactly certain if it is a good thing or a bad thing, but I finally warped my loom. Back in August, I talked about facing fears (here). Take a chance to read the previous post which explains Helen and Elizabeth, my two floor looms.

On December 3, I started writing the third book in the Azure Maris series: Azure Depths. This book already has a tag line: The deeper you dive, the darker it grows. It is something I experience in my own life - the more by faith I try to walk, the darker my life becomes. Sometimes, it is dark enough that I truly wonder what I'm supposed to do.

Azure's world grows darker, oddly as her path becomes clearer. Writing the book has been something I've put off for a few months. Quite honestly, I did not ... and do not want to walk with path with Azure; I know what she faces, and I don't know if I want to face it yet.

I'm scared.

Writing is an art. As such, it brings in a great deal of personal emotion and experiences. Obviously not everything that happens to a character is directly from life, but that does not negate the walk with the character. We all have books we've read that catches us in the emotion whether or not we've experienced it ourselves. In truth, the stories that draw us in without us experiencing the same events are some of the best.

So what did I do to face my fears? Boldly go forth and write? Nope. I warped a loom.

It looks like it's sticking out its tongue, doesn't it? The photograph is taken from the back of the loom. The warp has already been put into the beater, and I'm preparing to thread it through the heddles.

After threading it through the heddles, I tied off the warp to the front beam. As you can tell, the loom is a little dusty since I haven't used it in so long. I've sent through a waste warp to stretch out my warp, but I'm already facing troubles. For some reason the shafts do not provide a clear shed when I change shafts. Added to this, I cannot seem to create a twill weave. It's frustrating, but I'm working on how to repair it.

Lastly, this warp was going to be a great deal larger: primarily white with a band of white. Threading frustrated me, so I dumped a good portion of the warp. At this point, I just wanted to see if I could weave at all.

The warp that I don't use (as seen above) will be used as the weft. I'll add more photos as I work out the troubles.

One last look at the loom - does it not appear to be a monster in this photograph? You can make out eyes, nose, mouth ... Face my fears. I suppose sometimes it's easier to face a fear I've longed put off, so I don't have to face a present fear.

Better the devil I know than the devil I don't?

We can often find excuses when in the middle of creating art: cleaning the house, baking a massive dinner; shopping ... anything. The point is to recognize the trouble, face them, and proceed. Sometimes, though, we do need to balance our arts: clear out the weaving to help the writing.


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