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Advent - Love

I'll be taking a holiday after today's post until the New Year. This is the last week of Advent, and today I'll focus on love, typically associated with the fifth candle or Christ's candle.

Language is a funny thing. One of the beauties of the English language is its ability to accumulate other languages. I never learned why, or if other languages do the same thing as well, but the English language accepts nearly every possible language into its vernacular to the point that native speakers don't realize where the words originate. Words like algebra and algorithm both come from Arabic; mutton and crèche come from French; calico hails from India (a corruption of Calcutta supposedly), and still more.

For all our accumulation, one word still remains sadly under-developed, and that is the word love. Now, we have a variety of words to describe our level of love beginning with like and culminating with adore, but to describe the types of love, that is harder to do. The …

Just a little while longer

It's almost time to announce the release of Azure Lights. Yesterday, I had a sneak peek of the cover for the book! Once I have the photo, I'll post it both here and on my Facebook page (here) so check them out. And don't forget, you can like Bridgette ni Brian on Facebook for more updates.

Advent - Joy

It's the third Sunday of Advent, and for many this can be a hard Sunday to celebrate because of loss or disappointment. How can we be joyful when there is so much hurt?

When I was little, I thought joy and happiness were the same thing. As I grew into my teen years, members of my church would decry that no, joy and happiness were not the same, but different: joy was constant; happiness came and went. We may not be happy about something, but we should always have joy.

Yeah. Right.

They are correct ... to a point: happiness is often dependent upon circumstances. Happiness is the state of feeling happy, and happy according to Merriam-Webster means "feeling pleasure and enjoyment because of your life, situation, etc.; showing or causing feelings of pleasure and enjoyment; pleased or glad about a particular situation, event, etc."

Joy, on the other hand, is "a feeling of great happiness; a source or cause of great happiness; something or someone that gives joy to someone;…

Advent - Peace

Peace. What a wonderful, powerful, and elusive word. Many of you, if you have read this blog for a little while, will realize I come from a conservative Christian background. This advent season is a first for me since I recently switched churches ... denominations, actually. I grew up Baptist, and have recently started attending a Free Methodist church in the local community, so this Advent season follows a different set of liturgical history.

Some of the reasons I switched churches had to do with this very issue of peace. Webster's Dictionary defines peace along three primary levels: no war (within a civil context), harmony within personal relationships, and freedom from oppressive thoughts.

Further definition of the word continues with tranquility or quiet. In this context, the word calm is used as a synonym such as the calm before the storm, or the sense of peace after a storm. For many of us, peace is elusive in the greater context of world events. Many call for peace, but …

Facing Fears

I'm not exactly certain if it is a good thing or a bad thing, but I finally warped my loom. Back in August, I talked about facing fears (here). Take a chance to read the previous post which explains Helen and Elizabeth, my two floor looms.

On December 3, I started writing the third book in the Azure Maris series: Azure Depths. This book already has a tag line: The deeper you dive, the darker it grows. It is something I experience in my own life - the more by faith I try to walk, the darker my life becomes. Sometimes, it is dark enough that I truly wonder what I'm supposed to do.

Azure's world grows darker, oddly as her path becomes clearer. Writing the book has been something I've put off for a few months. Quite honestly, I did not ... and do not want to walk with path with Azure; I know what she faces, and I don't know if I want to face it yet.

I'm scared.

Writing is an art. As such, it brings in a great deal of personal emotion and experiences. Obviously n…

Advent - Hope

Christmas is a time of mixed emotions for many individuals. Some of us are the crazy Christmas people who started decorating in July ... some of us lean to Scrooge who throughout most of the Christmas Carol, refuses to celebrate or even allow anyone else to celebrate. Most people fall somewhere between the two; I lean more to Scrooge because I prefer Christmas to be limited to the month of December (personally, that's stretching it a bit much, for me though).

One of the traditions that I do enjoy is Advent - those weeks before Christmas arrives. This week is the first week of Advent, and it celebrates Hope - something we all need.

Christmas, according to some, is a Christian over-taking of a pagan holiday. There seems to be some agreement that is the case, but most of our facts are lost to the early reaches of time. Suffice it to say Christmas falls around mid-winter when it is darkest outside, and when families gather together. Liturgically, it is the beginning of the Church'…