Notepad Covers

I mentioned on Facebook last week that I was working on a new project. For lack of a better title, I call them Notepad Covers.

The initial idea came from a bookstore owner in Albion NY. Carolyn, the owner of Bindings Bookstore had one that she used and wanted some more like it. I took some notes, and created my own version of it.

These covers come with a pen and a small notepad (5" x 7") inside. So far, I have only used fabric for the covers, but since I have a collection of handwoven material, I can utilize those fabrics as well.

To create the covers, the front of the cover is a hodge-podge of a fabrics that I have. Some covers are more eclectic while some are more mundane. The interior is created using only one piece of fabric. Sandwich between the two layers is cotton batting to provide a little weight to the object. Each one of the covers comes with a button and a loop of fabric to close it. As I progress with the styles, I will probably change the closure style, but for now it works.

This is part of the reason I enjoy visiting local stores: inspiration for projects comes from every corner, and sometimes it's simply taking a walk into a bookstore.


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