From Lancaster to Niagara

I don't know about any of you, but I enjoy traveling - absolutely love seeing new places, meeting people, and generally just enjoying myself. Usually, I plan all the places I want to visit before I arrive at a location, but always I find something new.

Panoramic Shot of Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown NY

Earlier this week, I started a new blog called From Lancaster to Niagara (see here) to record the journeys I have learning about my two hometowns. All right, I admit, I am from neither location specifically, but I am from both regions: the Greater Niagara Region which includes my home county of Genesee, and the greater Pennsylvania Dutch Country that includes my portion of Chester County, PA.

The blog will give you a local's perspective on the two regions, and will most decidedly take you out of the normal locations. After all, there's more to Niagara than the Falls, and more to Lancaster than bonnets and buggies. Both locations are full of history from Early American (Lancaster was the capital of the United States) to Presidential (three presidents hail from the two regions) to interesting tidbits about electricity and silk.

It's currently at the end of the tourism season at least in Western New York, but I'm gearing up for next year. On the blog, I'll include interviews from local artists, musicians and others that make the two areas what they are. Hope you take the time to go visit From Lancaster to Niagara.


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