In This Life, You Will Have Trials

The Christian walk is not normally an easy path to take. It was never meant to be, but there are days in which it is harder than it should be. Interestingly, it always seems to follow around conversation with friends and family or messages at church.

Case in point: Sunday, the church I began attending (I'm in the process of switching churches) talked about trials in life, and how we should respond. Trials, those pesky, unexpected events that threaten to upset our faith, exist in the world.

Sometimes, they come to test our commitment.

Flooded driveway, 2013
The photo above was taken earlier this year at a friend's house. She lives near a small creek, but if it rains hard enough, and long enough, that creek is one of the first to flood. Events come into our lives where we need to choose to allow them to frustrate us or allow them to inspire us.

This morning, I planned to take two copies of Azure Maris to bookstores for up-coming book signings (already have two lined up for December and March, by the way). Something sounded odd in the car when I went to pick up Mom at work, but it seemed to correct itself. At Mom's work, however, we realized that the front driver's wheel was coming off ... visibly.

My morning was wasted while waiting for repairs and tow truck. My plans to begin setting up book signings were disrupted, not to mention the troubles with a three-car family down to two cars. It is frustrating, but I chose to use that time to finish up the second round of edits on Shamrocks of Stone.

How to respond to trials? Initially, roll with them. Allow the initial emotions to roll over you while you assess the situation.

Next, take the steps that you need to take to combat or rectify the situation.

Third, put your plan into action.

Lastly, take the time to find joy. You might not find it immediately, but always take a step back to find the lessons that you harvest from the trial. It might be nothing more than assessing your priorities.

Sometimes, you can cry over flooded driveways; sometimes, you just need to dance in the water.


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