End of a Crazy Week

I will sleep well tonight ... when I finally make it to bed. Between my time at the Artisans of North Street Shop in Batavia NY and working on the edits for Shamrocks of Stone, it's been a fairly busy week. Add into that helping Mom paint her rental property, developing concepts for the winter season, watching my cousin's children, and a marketing meeting for the Artisans, it's been a slightly crazy week.

One of the hardest elements for me to develop are items that sell at the local fairs. While I enjoy weaving and bookbinding, creating items that people will purchase proves to be difficult. Many people who travel past my tables or booth comment about how much they like the items or how well I create the items, but spend their money elsewhere.

I have yet to decide if it is my items do not interest the local audience, or if I need to change the items I create. Not many journal anymore, which is a sad commentary. Personally, journals are a way that we can slow down and disconnect from the electronic world. No matter how much I write on the computer, my innermost thoughts are most often expressed with a pen on paper in a journal. Generally, I believe that we need to look at the items that we purchase on a regular basis and question whether or not the items bring joy and beauty to our lives. I live in a house that has items handed down from my great-grandparents to my parents and now to me. The items built back at the turn of the twentieth century were built to last, and continue to provide beauty and enjoyment now in the early twenty-first century. Journals may or may not last, but they can. Some books I purchased as a child are already yellowed and brittle.

My desire is to create items that will last for a couple generations so a woman who purchases an item this year will be able to give it to her daughter's granddaughter. I know there are others out there who share the same desire, but finding those individuals seems to be the hardest aspect.

On a side not, Monday, I will post the First Saturday Book Review. Due to the busy beginning of the month, I failed to post that on the 5th.

To all the Canadians who read: have a happy Thanksgiving weekend.


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