Random Updates

This post is just going to be a simple update since I've had several things happen this week. Nothing major - no life-altering events, just random ones.

I finished my first all wool warp. Random, yes, but it was something that I have wanted to weave for awhile. The two photos below show the pattern and a close-up of the first sample. Eventually, I continued the pattern throughout the warp, but I made two more samples before that. The first sample followed the pattern with a slight change in threading. Originally, I had a log cabin weave in one portion with 1 purple 1 white. I changed it to 1 white 1 purple thereby creating an interesting secondary pattern at the corners surrounding the central purple block.

Yesterday, I received the edited version of Shamrocks of Stone my first adult historical mystery. It's due out in March. The main character, Orfhlait  ní Sorcer (pronounced OR la nee SOR ca) is a fifteenth century Irish woman forced into the convent against her will. Like Samuel in the Old Testament, Orfhlait is dedicated to the Lord's work from birth. In the first book, Orfhlait is called on to help in the murder investigation of her friend Aidan mak Brian the Red. The investigation leads to danger and intrigue resulting in Orfhlait's subsequent departure from the convent.

I have the Appleumpkin fair a week from today in the village of Wyoming NY. The last week is always busy as I try to figure out what I need to take, what I need to make and what might sell. Fairs are always a bit of a gamble since I never know what will and will not sell. Since I'm a fiber artist, I try to keep an eye on the weather. If it's predicted to be a cool weekend, shawls and blankets might sell more readily then they would on a warmer weekend. Unfortunately, since I live in Western New York, it could be in the seventies or it could be in the forties. The last couple years have remained in the mid-sixties with some rain.

Lastly, in case I haven't mentioned it recently, you can friend or follow me on Goodreads or like Bridgette ní Brian on Facebook. Earlier this year, I reviewed books and wrote a couple articles about bibliographies for different time periods. If you seek books about the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Georgian Era or 1920s, I have lists of the books I've read on various shelves on Goodreads. Slowly, I'm adding reviews of the books. Would any of you care for a bibliography that would be easily found on the website?


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