Little Bits of Fabric

What to do when the fabric doesn't work? Or worse, you can't part with it?! I have an art fair coming up the last weekend of September, so yesterday I worked on organizing items for the fair to see what I needed and/or could take. I had a lone piece of fabric left over from my sari ribbon experiment, but didn't know what to do with it.

Besides, it was just too pretty to give away.

I did the only logical thing and made it into a wall-hanging to enjoy whenever I looked at it. Granted, I have the same material in a purse, but that isn't an everyday enjoyment. Currently, I use another purse. Wall-hangings, however, can be put on a wall and enjoyed day-in and day-out. I showed the hanging to my mom yesterday, but she remained unimpressed. Mom isn't much for the geometric designs like I am. The following photographs are closer shots of each portion of the hanging beginning with the top:
I used a 1/2 inch dowel for support the hanging. It's a portion of the same wood used for the woven transparencies that I created. The thread for hanging the wall hanging is a the same thread as the green portion on the hanging: 5/2 cotton warp yarn. Below is a photograph of the design and bottom:

Lastly, below is the fringe. I kept the warp waste on the fabric, combed it out straight, cut it to an even length and twisted the strands together to create the fringe. An overhand knot secures the ends, but if someone wanted to, bugle beads would work as added decoration. I happen to have no beads, so I kept it simple. The fringe would also be a place to add some more design elements.

It's nothing fancy, and I wouldn't necessarily call it art, but it's a good reminder of the sari ribbon as well as a bright accent to a room. Winter is coming to Western New York, unfortunately, so every little bit of brightness helps.


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