Culture Changers

There lies within the hearts of most artists, no matter their field, the desire to change the world. I think very few artists ever wake up in the morning saying that they want to live a mediocre life with not much to show. Nope, we want to be the next fill-in-the-blank and do great things.

Clonmacnoise, Ireland

Artists and non-artists see the culture as being molded by the artists, but unfortunately, non-artists don't realize just how much their influence remains in the culture. I grew up in a conservative Protestant world, and one of the constant refrains playing in the background is 'take back the culture.' This refrain echoes through our halls and classrooms (I also attended conservative protestant schools and college), yet there seemed to be an emphasis on the artists to make that change. The musically gifted were encouraged to use their gifts for Christ; the same was true for the dramatically gifted. Those who were writers or artists were often ... left behind. The reason, primarily, is that both of those fields tend to be loners who remain behind-the-scenes. It's easy to see the actors in front of the congregation; not so easy to see the person who wrote the play or directed the actors or designed the sets.

The people who encouraged me to use my gifts for Christ, were the same people who often bypassed me when I was at a fair. They were the same people who would go down to the local big box store to purchase a journal when I had several of them for sale. Now, I must put in here that not everyone failed to help, many do still to this day. Most of the people in my church who purchased Azure Maris I doubt will ever read it, but purchased it because they know me. It's a huge boost to morale.

You see, it isn't just the artists, musicians, singers, writers or actors who change the world - it's the people who support, encourage, and purchase from them that change the world. You cannot have one without the other - it's common economic sense. We purchase that which we desire, and we bypass that which we do not want.

So, how are you - non-artists- helping to change the world? Do you lament the process that you see or do you actively support that which is best? Do you wish that more Christians would enter into the arts to change the world then go and support others? I'm not suggesting that you support individuals simply because they are Christians; however, I am suggesting that you support those who create quality that aligns with your views.


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