First of the Month Review

Some of the best resources are primary sources: journals, books, photographs, film footage and other elements that were created in a particular time period. Much of these resources are hard to find and harder to wade through. Thanks to many people, some places are turning their archives into digital formats available for everyone to use. For August, I'm focusing not on a book, but a website called The Old Bailey Online.

The website is a collection of transcripts from the Old Bailey Archives from 1674-1913. For anyone who writes during the Stuart, Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian eras, this is a website to visit for ideas for murders, robberies, and other crimes.

The Old Bailey Online is easy to navigate and easy to find information. Currently, I'm researching the Eighteenth Century and began looking through the website with search words of Spitalfields, weavers, and riots. I found several cases that intrigued me which I could use as a basis for mystery series. One of the portions that I found helpful was an overview of certain segments such as the Irish or the Huguenots.

If you are looking for ideas for books or subplots, The Old Bailey Online is a good place to begin for research.


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