New Item in Etsy Shop

Slowly, I have added new items to my Etsy shop partly because I am deciding what should go on the site or what I should keep for fairs. It's summer time, and while I only attend a handful of fairs, I do try to keep my inventory up.

That being said, I have added a set of six placemats onto my Etsy site Bridgette ní Brian. The Midnight Colorscape Placemat Set:

The photo below shows the placemat without the dishes.

Then two close-ups of the placemats.

I'm starting to delve into handwoven clothes as well. My first project was a shrug for myself which has turned out well. Some of my first projects were shawls, but the shrug was my first attempt at something with sleeves. Researching time periods has inspired me to learn more about weaving for clothing. While I make no attempt to weave fine silks or brocades, I want to attempt some clothing even if it is only a basic skirt or dress. The best part about weaving, of course, is that I can design the fabric with the end product in mind. One of my first serious attempts will be to weave material for a Regency gown ... it should prove interesting.


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