Woven Transparencies

The weaving process took less time than I thought it would, which was a huge praise considering that most of the past week I've been down with a cold of some sort. The weather's been cool one week; warm the next; cool again ... my body couldn't handle the changes.

The above image is the basic style of the transparency that I wove over the weekend, and what I used as my cartoon. Since it was set at 7.5 dpi, the weaving took less time than if I had a finer sett. To create the weft, I ended up using two threads of cotton (for the green) and cotton and acrylic for the flowers. This provided a little interest since the acrylic yarn had metallic ribbon with it.

The overview shot of what I created. When you look at the two photos together, you can see that they remained fairly close together. Since I used such a large space, it became difficult for detailing, but part of the purpose of transparencies is to provide the illusion of the item, not the details.

A second photo, a little more up-close:

No you can see the colors somewhat as well as the woven material. I enjoy weaving, so no matter what type of weaving, I will enjoy learning about the process. Some I enjoy more than others, but the woven transparencies will definitely become one of my favorite weaves partly because I love tapestries, and the woven transparencies are a quicker style that celebrates the light and airy nature of woven items which is something that tapestries cannot do.


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